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It was always dark now, even though Mel wasn’t one to complain. She had always been comforted by darkness; always living in the shadows and always compared to something eerie the darkness hid. But there was a strange smell that came with the darkness now, and it was humid and evil; the dark had become uncomfortable and unfamiliar. She missed the sunlight for the first time in her life.

The barren landscape – once filled with lush greens and beautiful colors – was brown and boring. The only thing that related to beauty was the occasional rampaging tornado that danced freely from one end of the flat land to the other. Everything was dry; everything had become sandy. There was no more rain and if there was a storm, it was the kind of storm you’d find in the movie Little House on the Prairie.

As uncomfortable and out of place as Mel felt in this new life, she fit in easily. Unlike her brother, her high cheek bones, slender nose and thin lips made her look more emaciated than attractive. She was built tall and lean, her clothes barely padding her boney body.

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